Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Collectible Custom 2004 Spiderman EZ-GO Golf Cart

This item has been totally renewed and restored between 2006 - 2007. This Golf Cart really has it all from the AMAZING Spiderman Exterior finish to the Special Custom Dashboard.

Body Lifted
Chrome Wheels
Special Tires
High Powered Battery Operated (Up-to 20MPH)
Safety Belts
Rear View Mirror
Turning Inidicators
Spiderman Exterior Finish
Custom Dashboard

Starting bid:US $8,500.00


Friday, May 4, 2007

Ebay1969 Dodge : Charger Charger R/T(The most famous model of the most famous car in the world!)

The most famous model of the most famous car in the world! This car was named by TV Land in 2004 as the most famous car in Television History. And this is the exact car that they gave that prestigious award to. This car has done a lot for me over the last 10 years and now it can be a part of your personal collection. I will give you a brief overview of what this car has done. It appeared in the last REAL Dukes of Hazzard movie, "Dukes Go To Hollywood". And under the hood are the autographs of all the living orginial cast members and crew that were on the TV show. It has been on such shows as TV Land, Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, etc. It was the car that Warner Brothers used as a template to build all the General Lee's used on the latest incarnation of the Dukes of Hazzard movie starring Jessica Simpson and Willie Nelson. And what I'm most excited about is that it has recently starred as another car named Traveller in my most recent movie, Collier & Co, Hot Pursuit! Its a great family movie that I wrote, produced, starred in, well you get the picture. Its currently in theaters in different parts of the country, and it goes to DVD in September. Check it out and watch The General do what it does best, go fast! I have personally raced this car in a rally called The Silver State Classic Challenge, held in Nevada. I have also done numerous charity events in this car including raising over $7000.00 for Speedway Childrens Charities last year at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and another $4000.00 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in the fall at the Sam's Town 250 at Memphis Motorsports Park.Carl Edwards, now a personal friend and Nascar superstar, drove this car himself on that track to show me the proper racing line for my rides with the winners of that auction! And in Memphis, Carl invited me to watch the race from the top of his pit box with none other than legendary team owner Jack Roush! It would take a very long time to tell you everything about this car, so lets just stick to the relevant details. Although the plate says a 426 Hemi, the car actually has a 511 crate motor from 1998 that produces approx 725hp. It has suspension by Hotchkis, auxiliary transmission by Gear Vendor, Viper brakes, and a racing steering box. Although I hate to part with this car, I am really looking forward to building a new one, something I haven't done since I built this one. One more detail, there is an article coming out in a major car magazine where this car is compared and raced against the Starsky and Hutch car, and the Batmobile. Guess who won?

Current bid:US $9,900,500.00


Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Ebay Personal assistant/ slave/ right hand man

"I am a 28 year old male. I live in Grand Rapids Michigan. I am starting my career in stand up comedy. I am currently stuck in this dead end factory job in Grand Rapids and I am looking for a new something better anywhere in the U.S. I have experience in almost everything. I went to Culinary school for awhile so I know how to cook, I was in the Marine Corps so I am security minded. I have worked in construction for a long time so I can fix anything. I have an awesome sense of fashion when it comes to picking out anything.

Wash your car, do your email replies, I can also be a designated driver when you go out. Fetch you drinks from the bar, etc.

Anything you need done and dont want to do or dont have time for, I can do it. I have a chauffeurs license, I can drive anything. I am the perfect right hand man for anyone. I am all about taking care of buisiness and doing it in a professional manner. This service is based on a 1 year contract at the starting bid price

Starting bid:US $100,000.00


Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ebay Mr. Duke, your limo is waiting

We always wondered if after a long day of filming "Hazzard", Bo and Luke drove that rattly Charger home every night. Surely they made enough money to buy a brand new K-Car or maybe even one of those awesome 1985 Shelby Chargers. That's sarcasm, by the way.But then, after a long day of jumping creeks and speeding away from Boss Hogg, the Duke brothers probably wanted to drive as little as possible. Too bad this 1995 General Lee Lincoln Limo came along 10 years too late. Also too bad it's half a world away in Ireland. Yeah, a General Lee Limo in Northern Ireland.But if you're into that sort of thing, it can be yours for a current eBay bid of £1,200. That's not a bad deal for a bright orange, 8-seat General Lee replica complete with "Dixie" horn and a Confederate flag on the roof.The description says obvious things like, "possibly the only one in the UK," and "This limo WILL get you noticed!!" but fails to mention whether the doors open, how well it soars over washed out bridges or if it will run on pure-grain alcohol. We recommend you bid at your own risk.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ebay World Series 2004 Championship Ring Baseball Boston Sox

Rings' Specs:
- Cast in 18 Karat White gold
- Fifty Soix round brilliant cut diamonds channel set around the bezel (on top)
- Inside the diamond bezel, in relief and on a black background, are the words "World" (at the top) and "Champions" (at the bottom)
- Red Sox 'B' Logo (centered on top) Mounted on a Diamond Base Crest depicting a baseball Diamond, and is inlaid with fourteen princess cut Diamonds
- 'B' logo is inlaid with 10 custom cut and fitted natural rubies, with four round brilliant cut diamonds inside the 'B'
- Basebal diamond overhangs an inner bezel and is set on a field of custom faceted synthetic blue saphires
- (left side) "Greatest Comeback in history 2004" in releif on a black background. Underneath is a pair of red enameled socks from the Red sox Logo. Beneath the logo is a banner with "8 Straight" engraved
- (Right side) Panel with the players name in relief on a black background over a depiction of Fenway Park. At the bottom of the panel is the players position with a banner below it with "4-0 sweep".
US $53,877.77

Monday, April 23, 2007

Ebay eBay says shooter did not buy ammunition on eBay (Reuters)

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The gunman who killed 32 people at Virginia Tech University did not purchase ammunition used in the rampage on eBay's online auction site, eBay said on Monday, refuting published reports.
The company said Cho Seung-Hui, who also killed himself, did in recent months buy empty ammunition clips and a gun holster on eBay. He also sold other items including books and tickets to sporting events.
"Empty ammunition clips and gun holsters are unregulated items that can be legally bought and sold on eBay as well as in retail stores across the US. However, we are saddened that Mr. Cho purchased on eBay any item that may be linked with his actions last week," the company said in a statement.



Hand Carved LargeThai Pra Prom Spirit House from Thailand
100% Donated to United in Caring Fund for the Victims of the Virginia Tech Tragedy
Measures 35" High, 23" wide, 23" deep from Horn to Horn
Weighs approx 40 lbs.
Hand carved from Teak Wood in Thailand.
Please email with questions before bidding
We accept checks, Visa, MC, Discover, AMEX, and PayPal (Preferred!)

Starting bid: US $599.00